Adelina Ong

I have recently completed my PhD at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. My research draws inspiration from urban arts (parkour, art du déplacement, breakin’/breakdancing and graffiti) to propose a theory for negotiated living that I call Compassionate Mobilities. Over 25 workshops in London and Singapore, undertaken with young people between the ages of 15 and 25, I used urban art-inspired place practices to explore ways of negotiating mobilities in a hypercompetitive environment that disadvantages young people from low-income families. Some of these young people were struggling with depression and three disclosed that they had attempted suicide. Reflections arising from these urban art-inspired place practices were analysed as narratives suggestive of potential alternative futures for Singapore. For an abstract, click here.  

My research interests include: the narratives of place and its impact on mental wellbeing, the writings attributed to Zhuangzi (an ancient Chinese scholar), Japanese aesthetics inspired by Zen Buddhism, youth subcultures and urban arts (including skateboarding, parkour, art du déplacement, breakin’ and graffiti).

I have 15 years of experience as an applied performance practitioner working with young people from low-income families in Singapore (2003 – 2012) and London (2012 – 2015). In London, I am currently employed as a visiting lecturer at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Brunel University and Wimbledon College of Art. I have co-designed and taught Theatre and the City, a BA Drama, Applied Theatre and Education (BA DATE) Contemporary Studies Option. I teach Key Concepts to BA DATE students and supervise BA and MA dissertations for Applied Theatre (2014- ). I also taught and assisted with the course design of the Applied Theatre (Special Unit) course at Kingston University (2015-2017). I currently supervise dissertations for BA Theatre and Screen students at Wimbledon College of Arts (2014 -).

I graduated with a Master of Arts in Applied Theatre (Distinction) at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama (London) in 2013 and completed placements with Immediate Theatre and Stratford Circus’ Children’s Glee Club. I taught the seniors of 3rdthought theatre company to Skype, Google Hangout, use Google+ and Google Docs and upload videos onto YouTube. I have also role-played for British Red Cross, co-organised a panel discussion in support of the British East Asian Actors campaign for better representation of East Asian actors on London stages, offered performance clinics and developed scripts with ex-offenders for Only Connect’s Big Wednesday and co-facilitated the after-school drama club at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School.

I have been active in Singapore’s theatre scene since 1997. I was a founding member of SRT’s Young Company and volunteered as its youth company manager from 1998 – 2001. I acted widely on stage and television and was nominated for Best Newcomer at the inaugural Life! Theatre Awards for playing nine roles in Postcards from Persephone (2000) which I also co-produced. I also co-organised interdisciplinary festivals such as the digital film project Digital Compassion 02 (2002) and Pulp (2003) which focused on collaborations between so-called ‘classical’ expressions (that were recognised as art) and street art. In creating opportunities for sincere dialogue through these collaborations, Pulp sought to change the way that street art was perceived and recognise the skill, passion and dedication that street artists invest in their art. A selection of productions and performances undertaken is highlighted at this link.

In 2004, she was honoured to be one of fifty international female theatre practitioners selected to participate in TRANSIT IV: Roots – an international theatre festival in Holstebro, Denmark.

She worked closely with non-profit organisations through the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre from 2005 – 2007. From 2008 – 2012 she was part of a three-man team that founded The Little Arts Academy (LAA), managed by The Old Parliament House Limited. Apart from designing the environment for LAA, she worked closely with practitioners/teachers from Singapore to develop curriculum plans within an overarching curriculum framework developed in partnership with many established arts and education specialists on the board of The Business Times Budding Artists Fund. The enrollment of LAA grew from 47 children to approximately 250 regular children and youths every week. Adelina took on the role of producer and director for the performances created by the children and youths and devised between 15 to 18 performances a year with the students and their mentors/teachers. She also supported fundraising and marketing efforts for LAA and donated regularly to the school through personal performances produced under her own theatre company, one:lab.

Under one:lab, I acted, directed and produced When The World Was Green by Sam Shepard at the Night & Day Bar. The play explored the malleability of memories, forgiveness and loss in a hotel bar/prison from 20 – 23 September 2010. I also developed W, a monologue that features 13 women who have contributed significantly to the women’s movement. W (2012) premiered at Design Festa vol 35 in Tokyo with the support of Singapore International Foundation.


2nd prize, TaPRA 2014 Postgraduate Essay: Place-making Performances: What Can Applied Theatre Practitioners Learn From Skateboarders and Graffiti Artists?’


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with Rebellato, D., Harris, G., de Senna, P., Elliot-Graves, L., Greer, S., Low, K., Savage, K. (2018) Guidelines for Preventing Sexual Harassment, United Kingdom, Standing Conference of University Drama Departments.

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Place & Placemaking, MA Applied Theatre, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London (10 Feb 2017)

Art du Deplacement x Applied Theatre workshop, Singapore (5 Jan 2017)

ParkourDance, Pedagogy, Place, BA DATE Experience in Context, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London (15 Nov 2016)

Graffiti x Applied Theatre workshop, Signing Off Studio One at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London (12 July 2016)

Graffiti x Applied Theatre workshop, Traces of Lost Places, at Rose Bruford Symposium 2016, Kent (14 Apr 2016)

Disobedience, BA DATE Theatre & Change, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London (15 Feb 2016)

Breakin’ x Applied Theatre workshop with Recognize Studios (Felix Huang), Singapore (5 Jan 2016)

ParkourDance, Pedagogy, Place, BA DATE Experience in Context, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London (3 Nov 2015)

Graffiti Walk in Singapore (25 July 2015)

Breakin’ x Applied Theatre Workshop with Recognize Studios (Felix Huang), Singapore (July 2015)

Graffiti workshops with Femme Fierce (Artists: Jarvis and Zina) for 360 students from Year 1 to Year 6 at Britannia Village Primary School’s ‘Streets of London’ programme (June 2015)

Theatre workshop for ParkourDance Main Company, London (27.05.15)

Monthly theatre workshops for ParkourDance Youth Company towards their year-end showcase, London (January – June 2015)

Art du Deplacement x Applied Theatre workshop with ADD Academy Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Applied Drama & Psychology 2nd and 3rd year students, December 2014

Parkour x Applied Theatre workshop with Parkour Generations (Shirley Darlington) for Immediate Theatre, London (July 2014).

About one:lab

Founded in 2010 on the belief that it is possible for one person to start making a difference, one:lab aims to research ways of growing and living together through the arts.

one:lab engages in urban art-inspired place practices by young people, for young people, with young people.

one:lab’s performances aim to expand the ways in which we imagine place and find alternative responses to fear and loss.

Email: onelab2010@gmail.com



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