The Sea

Sandcastles fall and crumble with the rain.
Too many clouds to read the sky
Too murky the ocean floor
Every wave churns up
more of the past

Too much regret
gets in your eyes.
Stings and makes you cry.

You laugh because it’s easier.
But remember,

you are meant to be here.
Exactly as you are.

– written in response to You Learn by Jorge Luis Borges


Futures and Temporalities

In response to poems written by 11-year old girls, shared at Listening Voices and Telling Stories by Zanib Rasool, Kate Pahl and Mowbray Gardens Library Group #AHRCutopia

Belief is the only weapon you hold for the future
Angles (not angels) are the imperfect guardians of beauty
You perceive them with experience
You have been trained to differentiate
The lies from the imagined worlds
You alone will realise them
You were born in a world
without stability
So change is a confidant
And instability is the only
constant that you trust.