Parkour x Theatre workshop

my catleap

Calling all young women!

Get strong, get fit and have fun! In this parkour x theatre workshop you’ll learn pick-up some basic parkour moves that will be combined with theatre improvisations.

Note: we’ll be joining Parkour Generations for a Beginners’ Outdoor class for the first part of the lesson and this lesson moves around a lot so please do not be late as we will not be able to go back to the meeting point to get you.

This workshop is part of a three-year research project that will involve collaborations with skateboarders, b-girls and street artists. The minimum age required for participation is 14 years of age.

Date: 27 Sept 2014

Time: 10.15am – 1pm

Meeting point: Kilburn Park Tube Station exit

Please email me at / if you’d like to attend.


My Hands

Mapping past, present and future,
my hands tell
1,365, 219 stories.
Parallel lives I could have lived
hinged on one choice.
Each line scraping a story
scrubbing rhythms on my palm
Virginia Woolf in Kahaila on Brick Lane,
feeling strangely comfortable and anonymous
furiously writing her next novel in a public cafe.
My hands are more like crumpled love letters
scarred with make-up, dust and leaky pens
barely decipherable

Poetry recipe
use a metaphor
something specific but preposterous
an instance of synaesthesia
a real person and a real place
contradict yourself