T21 Singapore Poly, 16.12.14


‘I am the girl who ran and kept on running,¬†who ran herself to the ground.’ (David Lane, FREE, 2014).

Blood red crevices, striated upon my back.

A dull throbbing bass pulls my legs down, taunting me to escape.

216 more minutes to sunrise.

Tears dissolve the incense dust as prayers take flight at Waterloo.

Sticky palms covered in concrete grey


no. it is just my sweat finding comfort in the dirt

knowing that it is where I will return one day.

But for now, let me #reimagineplaces.


This poem was written in response to a line from David Lane’s FREE (as seen above), during an amazing workshop with ADD Academy’s Ben Boeglin and Fagan Cheong, Laurent Piemontesi (who was in-residence at ADD Academy SG) and 10 participants from DADP at Singapore Poly.

vishnu pic

Photo Credit: Bernie Ng



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