Maps that Complicate…

Francis Alys, The Green Line, tracing the ‘Green Line’ that runs through the municipality of Jerusalem with a leaking can of green paint, interviewing people after and documenting their response

Wrights and Sites: Mis-Guide to Anywhere

Drawing on the urban exploratory work of our on-going Mis-Guide project and our use of the walking ‘drift’ or ‘dérive’, Wrights & Sites presents a manifesto for the active and creative pedestrian – envisioning a walking that is neither a functional necessity (to shops, to work) nor a passive appreciation of (or complaint about) the urban environment. Instead we present a manifesto for a walking that engages with and changes the city, particularly using the arts.

Gordon Savicic, Constraint City.

The pain of everyday life’ is a critical performance addressing public and private space and their paradigm shift in the realms of everyday constraints, therefore the relation of abstract information layers to our everyday life. A chest strap with high torque servo motors (muy fuerte mi amigo!) and a wifi-enabled gaming console (Nintendo DS lite) are worn as fetish object. Thus, when approaching an enclosed encrypted wireless network, the strap reacts immediately. The higher the wireless signal strength, the tighter the jacket becomes.  Everyday walks are recompiled into schizogeographic pain-map, sensual perceived pain and the torture of contemporary arcades sans dil.

Christian Noid: Greenwich Emotion Map (2005-6) psychogeography. Re-exploring Greenwich afresh with the help of a Bio Mapping device invented by the artist that measures Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), which is an indicator of emotional arousal in conjunction with the wearer’s geographical location. Individual walks of 80 Greenwich residents were aggregated to visualise a shared landscape of emotion. The map contains particular arousal hotspots reflecting many of the local discussions about regeneration of the Peninsula.