Highlights of performances/projects produced under Little Arts Academy (2008 – 2012)


Lights Out Wonderland (2012): Director/Producer/ Playwright The Little Arts Academy

Home (2011, 2012): Director/Producer/ Playwright The Little Arts Academy

The Prodigies Lab (2011): Director/ Playwright The Little Arts Academy

Poems for Andrew (2011): Narrator/Director/ Playwright The Little Arts Academy

Tollins: An Explosive Tale for Children (2010): Director/Producer/ Playwright

The Missing Planet (2009): Director/ Playwright/Actress

24hr Audition Bootcamp 2012

Organised a 24hr bootcamp for 70 youths between 15 and 19 years of age at The Little Arts Academy. Panel of Judges included Alvin Tan (The Necessary Stage), Kavitha (Maya Dance Theatre), Brian Gothong Tan and Clement Yang (Hoods). 70% of the youths were from low-income families and 40 youths were chosen from this 24hr audition bootcamp.

ChildAid Tokyo 2011

Singapore-based coordinator for a performance by Happy Mondays and Amni Musfirah at Shinjuku Bunka Centre. ChildAid Tokyo 2011 was produced by Little Creators (Tokyo) and benefited Shakuji Gakuen, an orphanage in Tokyo

ChildAid Committee 2010 – 2012

Coordinator for performances by Business Times Budding Artists Fund beneficiaries, volunteer coordinator and audition panel for ChildAid 2012.

Curriculum Planning for The Little Arts Academy (2007-2008)

Developed a 3-year curriculum for low-income children, 5-12yrs old, in integrated theatre, dance, music, visual arts. Consultants included Nicole Stinton, Michael Huxley, Ho Yinfong and Clara Lim-Tan.

Highlights of performances/festivals produced under The Arts House (2007 – 2008)

Short & Sweet 2008

Co-producer for the first Short & Sweet festival in Singapore, conceptualised by Mark Cleary and adapted for Singapore with Nicole Stinton.

The Singapore Visual Theatre Festival 2007

Producer for the first Singapore Visual Theatre Festival organised by The Arts House. Four groups were commissioned to explore the concept of what visual theatre could be, with particular emphasis on puppetry. Performers included with Taiyuen Puppet Theatre Company (Taiwan), The Finger Players (Singapore), Duda/Paiva (Netherlands), Ulrike (Netherlands). The festival ran for 4 days and

Racial Harmony Day 2007

Organised with Central Singapore Community Development Council, I curated the artistic programmes for this festival at The Arts House. the festival focused on similarities between ethnic cultures and cross-cultural collaborations in music (tabla, kompang, erhu and indian violin), food (cai peng, nasi bryani, nasi padang and devil’s curry), theatre (an improvised performance directed by Fan Dong Kai where the Old Parliament Chamber was transformed into an MRT which acts as a foil for racial tension and misunderstandings), film (contributions on colour by Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Film Sound Video department) and storytelling (with different ethnic stories told by JC and Asian Storytelling Association). The event was attended by more than 1500 people over two days.


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