Go softly, summer

The misanthropic city reveals itself
in the weathering of architecture and pavement
An erratic day of sunshine striated with clouds.
Brought together in circumstances
where survivalism divides us.
The trees were lush, drenched with summer
White tiles bleached with golden light.
No time for tenderness.
Munich shootings. A lorry in Nice.
Normandy. Wurzburg. Ausbach.
Terror attacks almost once a week.
Fundamentalism consolidates its power.
Academies are purged in Turkey
Must fear define
our understanding of the world?
Too much already divides us.
Who will mourn
what we what we once dreamed together?

I have missed playing out here.
Where autumn leaves once softly
covered the ground.
I am learning to gently
negotiate your jagged cracks.


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